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Dapayk & Padberg "Black Beauty" LP

15.90 EUR
Dapayk & Padberg "Black Beauty" LP
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Dapayk & Padberg "Black Beauty" LP

15.90 EUR
This is Dapayk & Padberg's second collaborative album and a fresh mix of sharp techno, heavy percussion and acerbic lyrics directed at the superficial and super fickle amongst us.

LP Tracklist:
A1 Doerti
A2 Sister
B1 Khes
B2 Skit: Pantomime Horse
B3 Theiss
C1 Black Beauty (Album Version)
C2 Make It Up
D1 Island (feat. Caro)
D2 Skit: Ohh
D3 As You Please

Listen >>>!/black-beauty-album

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