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Dapayk solo "Devil's House" CD

14.90 EUR
Dapayk solo "Devil's House" CD
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Dapayk solo "Devil's House" CD

14.90 EUR
Unlike its forerunner, the beats on Dapayk solo's album "Devil's House" are less abstract, but topical and more break-beat-like: you can’t miss the straightness of these voluminous sounds! Of course you will find typical Dapayk sounds and you will not do without the vocals. This album not only reaches out for the dancefloors, but also (which should be common for a longplayer) offers an emotional joyride on a roller coaster. With every listening you will discover new details and facets over and over again. (Tanith about Dapayk solo “Devil’s House”)

CD Tracklist:
1. Intro
2. Scratch The Surface
3. A Saw Attacks
4. Better Stop Breathing
5. Vermo's House
6. Road To Boesendorf
7. Right Here With Me
8. Berlin Amo
9. Child Of The Night
10. How Low
11. Strings Attached
12. Niro
13. Skit
14. A Wave That Leads You Home

Listen >>>!/devils-house-album

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