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From Karaoke To Stardom "Undo Redo Weirdo - Mix" CD

9.90 EUR
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From Karaoke To Stardom "Undo Redo Weirdo - Mix" CD

9.90 EUR
From Karaoke To Stardom is Jeremy Herpe, a 30 years old gentleman, living in Paris, who works in a record shop by day and produces weird sound textures at night. His influences include everyone from ultra minimalists like Alva Noto, Ikeda and Pan Sonic through to Plastikman, Murcof, Akufen, via labels like Mille Plateaux and Force Inc. He likes everything that crackles, pops and bleeps. While listening to all kinds of weird music, he tries to absorb everything. Taking the most touching pieces he creates his own little recipe of minimal electronic music for both your feet and ears.

CD Tracklist:
1. Intro
2. Stompin Nation
3. Interlude I
4. Wakko The 3rd
5. Interlude II
6. Uppers Downers Screamers
7. Dors-La-Pilule
8. Reduce To Seduce
9. Interlude III
10. Beat Zen, Square Zen & Zen
11. Botoxxx Detoxxx
12. Magulladura
13. Pigeons & Smoke Signals
14. Hometown Bulkk Klubb
15. Out Of Hop

Listen >>>!/undo-redo-weirdo-mix

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