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Kleinschmager Audio "Audiology" (RRY30LP)

15.90 EUR
Kleinschmager Audio "Audiology" (RRY30LP)
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Kleinschmager Audio "Audiology" (RRY30LP)

15.90 EUR
3x 12" Longplayer incl. free CD album

Kleinschmager Audio
is a studio project of Joern Kleinschmager (DJ, audio engineer) and Niklas Worgt (producer, liveact). Both connected since the late 90s Kleinschmager and Worgt have constantly exchanged their thoughts, concepts and visions about sound in general and club music in detail. Merging the ideas of a long-time DJ with the experience of a studio producer is always a suspenseful undertaking. And often the outcome remains uncertain… But besides talking about music, performing at different venues and also organising their own events a studio project of Kleinschmager and Worgt has never been out of range. It was just a matter of time.

LP 3x12" Tracklist:
A1. Audio1 (Marek Bois Rmx)
B1. Pharfizer
B2. Audio1
C1. Audio2
D1. Emphasis
E1. Audio3
F1. Helicotrema

Listen >>>!/audiology

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