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Marcel Knopf "Dusty Dance" CD

14.90 EUR
Marcel Knopf "Dusty Dance" CD
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Marcel Knopf "Dusty Dance" CD

14.90 EUR
In an interview regarding the release of his first Mix CD „Bits to Phono“ in 2006 Marcel Knopf announced: “Minimal is super, but maybe not sexy in the long run!” He prefers to focus on a straight funkiness taken from the treasures of House & Techno without presenting the album as a misty-eyed, romanticising retrospect. With a long-time experience as a DJ Marcel Knopf states happily: “I House you! It’s music. Maybe you like it.” 

CD Tracklist:
1. Intro
2. That Shit
3. All Right
4. Crazy About (feat. Camara)
5. Holpergeist 2.0
6. Dusty Dance
7. Skinny Bitches
8. Rec-chord
9. Take A No
10. Leave It Alone (feat. Padberg)

Listen >>>!/dusty-dance-album

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