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Marek Bois "Boissche Untiefen" 2xCD

12.90 EUR
Marek Bois "Boissche Untiefen" 2xCD
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Marek Bois "Boissche Untiefen" 2xCD

12.90 EUR
Niklas Worgt is a man of multiple identities. Most commonly known as Dapayk, he has been releasing sublime techno under the moniker ‘Marek Bois’ since 2006, and it is under this guise that he presents to us the irrepressible ‘Boissche Untiefen’. Released (with differing track lists) on double CD, double vinyl and also the two individual 12”, this is a comprehensive package to follow up on last year’s critically acclaimed album ‘Black Beauty’ – a culmination of Niklas’ works as one half of Dapayk & Padberg.

CD 1 Tracklist:
1. Memento Moments
2. Dapss
3. Snareway To Hell
4. Roth
5. Now!
6. Roldgold
7. Lander
8. Tlaa
9. Whopair
10. Kimpton

CD 2 (Mix) Tracklist:
1. Analog Live Tool
2. Tlaa
3. Keta-Nina
4. Architecture
5. Receptor
6. Roldgold
7. Dapss
8. Kimpton
9. Roth
10. Now!